Seminar 2022 Technology News

Seminar 2022 Technology News

On April 29, BIT, along with HP and HPE, after a long pause, in person introduced clients to the Technology News of 2022, combining it with the opening of the grill season. BIT Sales Manager Ivo Trenmors with HP Inc. representative Aiga Šica, gave an extensive insight into the latest developments in HP 's new PC models and other HP technologies, informing about the latest news. It should be noted that in order to give clients the opportunity to view the new equipment and learn about its benefits, it was also possible to test the latest HP laptop models. Clients were able to see the durability of the HP laptop model by throwing a particular HP laptop from a height, making sure it was truly impact-resistant.

At the event, HPE representative Tarass Vercešuks informed about HPE Alletra Storage, which has unlimited cloud data management and is managed from a single SaaS console.

A representative of the Central Statistical Bureau provided insight into the expansion of the data storage infrastructure by sharing his experience with the use of the HPE Nimble Storage solution. The presentation of the experience gave the clients an insight into how the project was implemented in cooperation with BIT and what benefits can be observed with the change of the solution.

At the end of the event, after reviewing the technology news, the chef gave a steak master class, preparing five different steaks for each participant. It should be noted that the sommelier selected the most suitable wine for each type of steak, so that it is possible to enjoy an excellent combination of flavors.

Thank you to everyone who took part in the event and spent the day with us!